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    Dry Indian chili customs clearance process

    Author: Date:2019-10-10 11:04:03 Click:

    India is the world's largest grower of chilies, mainly in the United States, China and the European Union. China's general trade imports dried chili, tariff 9%, VAT 20%, according to different places of origin China to give different tax rates, India S17 high spicy varieties are widely used in hot pot base, food ingredients, imported chili increasing.

    一、chili dry transfer China qualification

    The imported dried chilli or chilli meal comes from a registered production and processing enterprise in India, and is registered with the General Administration of Customs of China in advance. Hengbang customs declaration agent for the import record of domestic consignee, make Chinese labels and submit them to local commodity inspection.

    Dry Indian chili customs clearance

    二、Inspection and quarantine requirements for dried chilies exported to China

    Chili meal imported into China is not allowed to carry quarantine insects, diseases, weeds and other pests and other quarantine pests of concern to China. Indian authorities have passed inspection and issued a "safety and health declaration". Plant quarantine certificate should indicate the production enterprise name and registration number, container number or ship name and other information.

    三、Indian chili dry transport

    Production and processing enterprises chili meal imports is separated from other products should be stored separately, chili meal for transport tools should be thoroughly clean, when it is necessary to be disinfected (bags should be used for the first time, and the clean health, may not contain the poisonous and harmful substances, such as malachite green and posted Chinese label, indicating the name of product, production and processing enterprise name, registration number, such as China on traceability information.

    Imported Indian chilies dried customs inspection

    四、Entry inspection and quarantine

    1. Reasonable examination of the number of imported factories, non-registered processing plants are not allowed to import.

    2. On-site list inspection, in line with the requirements of China's inspection and quarantine is allowed to enter.

    3. Phytosanitary certificates or safety and health statements that do not meet the requirements and live quarantine pests or other live pests (including soil, genetically modified ingredients that have not been approved by the Chinese authorities) are returned for disposal; If the packaging is not in accordance with the requirements or the Chinese label is not in accordance with the requirements, rectification or return shall be given, and according to the severity of the violation, measures shall be taken such as suspending the qualification of the relevant processing plants to export to China.

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