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    King crab import declaration process

    Author: Date:2019-10-10 11:01:06 Click:

    King crab, also known as stone crab or rock crab, mainly distributed in the cold sea, because of its huge size, known as the "king of crabs" reputation. King crab is not produced in China and the surrounding waters of Asia, so the king crab in the Chinese market is mostly imported quick-frozen products.

    Imported seafood arrives at designated domestic ports

    King crabs live in the deep sea, so away from pollution, delicious meat, rich in nutrients. Our country allows the import of king crab Chile, Argentina, Norway, the United States, Russia and so on, especially Alaska king crab most famous. Meat quality is very fresh and tender, eat to the mouth, fresh, tender, cool, smooth, is running to the rhythm of full.

    Seafood imports after arriving at the domestic designated ports, according to the relevant imported aquatic animal quarantine requirements, customs officers carefully check the information such as the certificate of health and quarantine, animal and plant quarantine permit, after confirmed, offcial conduct site inspection and quarantine of goods, and according to the requirements of relevant inspection, sampling inspection to lab safety project detection, after waiting for laboratory testing qualified, allow to import.

    Import seafood declaration customs inspection

    Due to the high requirements on refrigerated cargo transportation, warehousing and customs clearance, the customs has set up designated ports at coastal ports and airports, made paperless declaration in advance, set up green channels, and made quarantine experts seamlessly connect with each other. After on-site inspection, check the attached official animal and plant quarantine certificate, the import information is complete, the packaging is in compliance, the processing plant and quick-freezing treatment facilities registered by the General Administration of Customs are consistent with the declaration, and the number and weight are consistent with the declaration. No abnormalities are found on the site, and the quarantine is released immediately after passing.

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