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    Foreign trade totaled 20.13 trillion yuan, up 3.6 percent year-on-year

    Author:www.meimeiname.com Date:2019-10-10 11:09:30 Click:

    At present, the growth of international economy and trade is slowing down, but China's foreign trade import and export has shown strong resilience. In the first eight months of this year, China's foreign trade totaled 20.13 trillion yuan, up 3.6 percent from the same period last year, maintaining a steady growth momentum.

    From January to August, China's exports totaled 10.95 trillion yuan, up 6.1 percent, according to data released by the customs. Imports totaled 9.18 trillion yuan, up 0.8%; The trade surplus is 1.77 trillion yuan, an increase of 46%. In August, China's import and export totaled 2.72 trillion yuan, up 0.1%.

    The import and export goods arrived at the dock

    一、General trade increased and increased in proportion

    In the first eight months, China's general trade import and export reached 12.03 trillion yuan, up 5.4 percent, accounting for 59.8 percent of China's total foreign trade value, an increase of 1 percentage point over the same period last year. Of this figure, exports reached 6.44 trillion yuan, up 9.4%. Imports reached 5.59 trillion yuan, an increase of 1%, indicating China's achievements in developing high-tech industries and economic transformation and upgrading.

    二、imports and exports to the eu and asean increased

    The eu is China's largest trading partner, accounting for 15.6% of China's total trade with Europe. Asean is China's second largest trading partner, with a total value of 2.74 trillion yuan. Next are the United States and Japan. During the same period, China's import and export to countries along the "One Belt And One Road" totaled 5.83 trillion yuan, up 9.9 percent

    三、The export of labor-intensive products such as electromechanical products increased

    From January to August, China's exports of mechanical and electrical products totaled 6.34 trillion yuan, up 5.6%, followed by clothing, textiles, furniture, shoes and plastic products. Customs offices across the country have implemented measures to reduce taxes and fees, and promoted the rapid growth of imports and exports by private enterprises, with the proportion of imports and exports constantly increasing.

    四、Daily consumer goods grew steadily

    China is not only the "factory of the world" but also the "world market". Since the beginning of this year, China's export mix has been continuously improved, solid steps have been taken to expand imports, and consumer products related to people's livelihood have grown rapidly. The import of meat, aquatic products, fresh fruits and vegetables shall enjoy preferential tariffs under the free trade agreement. The customs shall designate ports to open up fresh and green channels, declare goods on arrival for inspection and release in advance, and reduce the import expenses of enterprises.

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