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    The customs helps import aquatic products to clear customs

    Author:www.meimeiname.com Date:2019-10-10 11:08:26 Click:

    Our country is a traditional fishery big country, aquatic product trade grows quickly. Aquatic products imported in the first half of this year totaled us $8.7 billion, up 29.8%. The main import countries are Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and so on, the import species have shrimp, frozen cod, frozen salmon, crab and so on.

    The customs helps import aquatic products to clear customs

    The customs has taken a number of measures to ensure the customs clearance of imported aquatic products. Coastal ports and airports have set up fresh and green channels to fully realize the primary inspection and simplify customs clearance procedures and procedures. Before the arrival of the goods at the port, hengbang customs clearance collates the materials, agents for import filing and import license, designated ports and airports declare in advance, the goods at the port for quick customs clearance.

    The customs USES scientific and technological means to optimize the supervision mode, and randomly carries out the inspection method that combines the pre-inspection of H986 vehicle cargo and the inspection process of vehicle X-ray machine, which gives play to the effectiveness of the monitoring and command center and strengthens the real-time interaction with the inspection site. The customs inspection shall be conducted jointly, and safety items shall be tested with on-site sampling. The quarantine certificate of entry goods shall be issued in accordance with the safety and health standards of China. If the quarantine fails to meet the standards, it shall be returned or destroyed.

    One Belt And One Road construction brings new opportunities for aquatic products foreign trade. China lowered import tariffs on a wide range of consumer goods in 2018. Imports of Vietnamese fish and shrimp and frozen fish, fish fillets, caviar and other seafood surged in Russia. The customs strengthened supervision over the import of aquatic products, cracked down on smuggling of frozen products, maintained market fairness and ensured the health of the Chinese people.

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