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    We will adhere to the import of aquatic products

    Author:www.meimeiname.com Date:2019-10-10 11:08:03 Click:

    King crab, with its majestic appearance and mellow meat quality, has a special position in the hearts of food lovers due to its difficulty in fishing. People who used to eat king crabs are known as "tuhao". But now, with the convenience of import and the optimization of overseas supply chain, king crab has gone down the altar and entered the people's table more and more.

    Aquatic products import customs clearance inspection

    China's demand for imported seafood will reach 7.6 million tons this year and will exceed 10 million tons in 2020, according to China industry data network. Hengbon customs agent aquatic products import customs clearance, import king crab is mainly divided into fresh and frozen form, of which the fresh king crab basically all from Russia and Norway, frozen king crab most from Chile.

    In the face of the huge food groups, other countries have been trying to eat this fat fat "fat meat". Norway, the most famous country, accounts for more than half of the world's salmon exports. Its seafood exports to China include salmon, herring, haddock and arctic cod, with an estimated sales volume of 5 billion yuan. Australia's exports of abalone to China have doubled, and Australia's exports of lobster have quadrupled. Bilateral trade between China and Australia has exceeded $100 billion.

    In 2018, the import volume of chilled salmon from Chile surged to 13,000 tons. More high-quality Chilean seafood will be imported with zero tariff. Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and other countries have cooperated with domestic e-commerce platforms to expand the market. With the growing middle class in China, the demand for high-quality imported seafood will increase. The future of China's imported seafood market is bright.

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