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A.Why import from Hong Kong?      

B.Advantages of Hong Kong's transit import

C.Which goods are suitable for Hong Kong import declaration

D.Hong Kong import customs clearance process

Hong Kong import customs clearance gold service provider - HB INTERNATIONAL,Hong Kong customs clearance hotline: 400-600-8932

HB INTERNATIONAL Hong Kong customs clearance company specialized in Foreign Country--Hong Kong--Chinese Mainland goods import and export, Transportation, import customs clearance, logistics distribution, information consultation and other one-stop services. Relying on the superior geographical location adjacent to Hong Kong, we have established a variety of import and export transportation and customs clearance channels in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other five major customs areas, facilitating the import and export of various types of goods, mainly importing express mail, importing cabinets, and Imports of cabinet goods, general trade imports, etc.

香港進出口貨物向海關申報I. Types of customs clearance goods imported from Hong Kong

Food, machinery, wood, red wine, milk powder, express mail import, personal items import

II. Hong Kong import customs clearance logistics program

1.Picking-up goods in Hong Kong warehouse, handling import and export procedures in Hong Kong, except for cigarettes, liquor, luxury goods, etc. Registration with the customs, import and export customs clearance procedures are simple;

2.Arrange the transportation between China and Hong Kong. The express mail will be cleared by the Shenzhen Huanggang Port of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It can also be transported by air to the major airports in the country for customs clearance and delivery to the customer's designated place;

3.Imported food, red wine, milk powder, warehouse storage in Hong Kong, providing packaging and labeling services, Dongguan, Shenzhen customs clearance agent after consolidation;

4.Second-hand machinery import declaration Hong Kong inspection, loading and unloading, arrange China-Hong Kong shipping, usually agent declaration in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and then delivery to customers after customs clearance.

III. Hong Kong import agent time

Under normal circumstances, it takes 1-3 days for express mail import, 2-3 days for consolidation of cabinets and whole cabinets, and 2-5 working days for customs clearance of mainland ports.


IV. Hong Kong import customs clearance process

1.Hong Kong receives the goods, foreign suppliers are responsible for shipping the goods to Hong Kong, our company receives the goods in the Hong Kong warehouse;

2.Provide warehousing, packaging, rectification services, and arrange transportation between China and Hong Kong;

3.Customs clearance at the mainland port, local customs inspection customs procedures for declaration, inspection, tax payment, etc.;

4.Prepaid transportation costs, terminal miscellaneous fees, customs declaration and inspection fees, import tax need to be paid by customers;

5.Receiving goods in Dongguan and Shenzhen warehouses, the goods can also be delivered to the designated location by customers.

V. Hong Kong import customs clearance security assurance

1.Assist customers in sorting out import materials and conduct reasonable audits. Customs restrictions and prohibited items are not allowed to be imported, regulate import order, and reduce import risks;

2.Signing an entrusted customs declaration and inspection agreement to clarify the affiliation of imported goods and the responsibilities of both parties;

3.Handling import filings, import licenses, estimating import costs, cooperating with commercial inspections, and actively negotiating with customs for duty-paid prices, and quickly importing provincial joint import costs;

4.Special personnel handle the customs clearance of imported goods, and regularly feedback the import status. Refined, valuable, frangible and perishable items are declared in advance, professional packaging, loading and unloading procedure to avoid any damage to the goods, and the standardized declaration to avoid any punishment by the customs.

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