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臺灣到中國物流專線Taiwan customs clearance line_China to Taiwan customs clearance agent

How to do it in Taiwan? How to charge--HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics has opened a China-Taiwan customs clearance line to provide one-stop comprehensive services such as China-Taiwan logistics and transportation and Taiwan customs clearance. The special person is responsible for the delivery of the goods case, the loss and damage of the goods are 100% compensable according to the agreement, and the flexible logistics plan saves the cost for the customers.

I.China to Taiwan logistics plan

1. Export Taiwan special line: ordinary goods exported to Taiwan, complete packaging, accurate cargo information, according to customer timeliness needs to develop shipping, air transport logistics solutions, provide door to door pick up, full container loading, goods arrived in Taiwan for Taiwan customs clearance procedures,safe delivery in the hands of customers;

2.Taiwan imported to the country: new and old machinery, pre-packaged foods are imported into China according to general trade,Taiwan receives goods or domestic ports to receive goods, handles the consignee's filing, applies for import licenses as needed, and assists customers in collecting complete import information. Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other ports handle customs clearance procedures, so that imported goods can be smoothly cleared and domestic delivery is provided.

臺灣進口貨物辦理清關手續II.Taiwan customs clearance line charges

1.Exported goods in Taiwan are charged according to the weight and volume of the goods. The bulk goods require customersto strengthen the packaging and protect the goods, and provide accurate cargo information. The customer is responsible for the inaccurate declaration of the goods;

2.Taiwan imported goods provide cargo information, estimated import costs are timely, professional customs clearance consultants inquire about customs supervision requirements, and avoid customs clearance risks.

III.Taiwan's customs clearance line advantage

Professional mainland to Taiwan cargo transportation, providing door to door double-clear services, simple and smooth customs clearance, flexible logistics solutions for different cargo, coastal airports, ports for Taiwan import customs clearance procedures, pre-estimate prices, no additional fees after the receipt of goods, save customers’ money and reduce trouble。

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