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    How long does it take for Hong Kong to clear customs clearance, and what is the process of Hong Kong's transit import to Shenzhen?

    Hong Kong import customs clearance to find Hong Kong HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics, Hong Kong transit goods formal customs clearance, standardized customs clearance process, fast clearance continued. Professional agent Hong Kong transit import to Shenzhen, time stability, customs clearance procedures, tax payment according to law, loss of goods, damages, full compensation. Hong Kong customs clearance company: 400-600-8932.

    HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics is a high-end logistics service enterprise that provides international import and export logistics for global enterprises and individuals. Positioning of the company: "International Logistics Service Provider", providing all-round one-stop international logistics with "export customs clearance, sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, international trade, factory relocation, logistics consulting, logistics planning and implementation" service! With the approval of the Customs and Excise Department, HB Hong Kong Customs Clearance company specializes in customs clearance for Hong Kong import and export, rents large warehouses in Hong Kong, and establishes branches in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. More than 30 customs clearance teams, import logistics consultants have many years of experience in import and export trade, good at operating food, wine, machinery, molds and other imports to Shenzhen customs clearance, as well as the Guangdong Pearl River Delta major ports of formal customs clearance.


    There are many ways for international goods to be imported into Shenzhen through Hong Kong. Many customs clearance companies cannot provide formal tax invoices for customers. There are many non-compliance procedures in customs clearance procedures, which poses potential safety hazards for imported goods. HB INTERNATIONAL Customs Clearance company signs an import agency agreement with its customers to clarify the legal status and responsibilities of both parties. Paying taxes according to law, so that customs will not hold the goods when clearing, and one on one feedback on the goods in real time will make customers feel more at ease and worry-free.

    HB INTERNATIONAL companies:

    恒邦國際物流東莞總部辦公場景  恒邦國際物流香港分部辦公場景

    HB INTERNATIONAL - Dongguan Head Office, Hong Kong Branch

    恒邦國際物流深圳分部辦公場景  恒邦國際物流上海分部辦公場景

    HB INTERNATIONAL - Shenzhen Branch, Shanghai Branch

    HB INTERNATIONAL Hong Kong Customs Clearance company - Customs clearance experts around you, standardize customs clearance procedures, familiar with import customs clearance procedures for food, machinery, etc., formulate personalized import logistics solutions, integrate logistics resources such as transportation, shipping and warehousing in China and Hong Kong, and strictly control all aspects of import declarations. Reasonably review the import information provided by users, pre-control import risks, and ensure the safety of imported goods.

    HB INTERNATIONAL Logistics--Professional General Trade Import and Export Logistics Service Provider

    Miss Mao: 13532557080

    Tel: +86-769-88015882  Fax: +86-769-88015885

    Website: www.chinahbwl.com  E-mail: helen@chinahbwl.com

    Service port: Hong Kong Shenzhen Guangzhou Dongguan Shanghai Tianjin Ningbo Xiamen Qingdao...

    Our responsibilities: Professional to provide you with a variety of import and export logistics solutions!

    Our advantages: professional, safe, fast, trustworthy!

    Hong Kong: Hong Kong. 104 Block, Shek Yuen Estate, Niu Tam Mei Tsuen, Yuen Long, New Territories

    East China: Room 2001, Building 1, Wanda Plaza, No. 968, Memorial Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

    South China: Room 612, Block B, First International Business Building, Dongguan Avenue, Dongguan City

    North China: 1-1608-81, Ruihai Building, Guangfudao Street, Hebei District, Tianjin

    If you have any comments or complaints about the logistics services provided by our company, please call us at 400-600-8932. Thank you for your valuable comments, we will be listen carefully and make continuous improvement!

    Call us:400-600-8932
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